Our Sustainability Commitment

In partnership with our sustainability partner VöR

Universal Air is committed to sustainable growth, delivering tailor-made experiences in aviation without compromising our natural world.


We recognise that our aspirations for growth must move in tandem with proactive environmental stewardship, making sustainability an integral part of our identity. 

We are laying the groundwork for a transformative journey, and our ambitious yet attainable goals to reduce our carbon footprint, optimise resource efficiency, and lead with sustainability at the forefront of every decision.

At Universal Air, we believe that true sustainability transcends operational boundaries, embedding itself within the cultural fabric of our organisation and extending to our customers, partners, and the communities we serve.

As we embark on this journey, we invite our stakeholders to join us in shaping a greater and more sustainable, resilient, and equitable future for air travel.

Positive engagement with our stakeholders underpins Universal Air's sustainability journey, acting as the backbone of our approach to achieving and surpassing environmental goals

Internally, fostering open communication and collaboration among employees, regulators, investors, and offset providers ensures a unified commitment to our sustainability objectives, enabling us to navigate regulatory landscapes, secure necessary funding, and implement effective carbon offset strategies with precision and accountability.

Externally, engaging customers and the broader industry in our sustainability efforts not only boosts our reputation as a leader in eco- friendly aviation but also drives the collective action necessary to
address the global challenge of climate change.

By actively involving stakeholders in our sustainability journey, Universal Air not only builds trust and strengthens relationships but also leverages diverse insights and expertise to innovate and improve our environmental initiatives, setting new standards for responsible aviation practices.

Universal Air warmly invites all stakeholders to actively participate in our sustainability workshops, customer feedback forums, industry roundtables, regulatory workshops, sustainability reporting, and employee training programs, uniting our efforts towards a sustainable future.

Our Sustainability Partners