Head Office

Our Head Office support teams play an integral role in the success of the airline. Their dedication and experience allow us to stay ahead of the competition and allow the frontline staff to deliver the exceptional customer service our customers deserve and expect. They work hard behind the scenes to ensure the Company has a solid structure from which to operate, and actively monitor and stay ahead of current market changes in order to ensure a competitve edge.

Head Office Opportunities

HR / People Team

HR team focuses on recruitment, employee engagement, training, performance management, benefits, legal compliance and upholding company culture


Finance team manages budgeting, financial reporting, cost control, audits, compliance and strategic financial planning to support the business


Marketing team handles branding, customer engagement, market research, campaigns, digital presence, and PR to boost brand awareness and sales


Commercial team develops pricing strategies, manages revenue, overseas route planning and partnerships to drive profitability and growth

Safety & Compliance

Safety and compliance team ensures adherence to regulations, conducts audits, manages risk and promotes safety culture across operations


Security team manages data protection, monitors threats, implements cybersecurity measures and ensures compliance with data laws

Head Office journey to onboarding


The application process starts with a job advert on our Linked-In page, which will take you to our Universal Air careers page, you will be required to enter your personal details and answer some questions to demonstrate your motivation for joining Universal Air

Interview Stage

After an internal selection process, we will invite you for an online or in-person interview at our Head office in Malta, depending on your location.  This interview is usually held with the Hiring Manager, and another representative from Universal Air, as well as HR on occasion.  We will ask you questions to determine your level of competence, character fit, motivation for joining our team, and areas that will require further trainingHave your CV updated and ready! 

Job Offer

Once all interviews are completed, we choose the candidate who we think best fits our profile, and make an Offer, highlighting all the benefits you will enjoy as an employee of Universal AirIf the Offer is accepted, we then send out a draft Employment Contract so you can review all the terms and conditions of your employment, and ask us any questions that may come to mindKeep an eye on your Email Inbox, and don’t forget to check your Junk/Spam folder, just in case! 

Pre-Employment Checks

Pre-employment checks will be carried out and a police conduct certificate requested.

Welcome on board

Once the Employment Contract is signed by both parties, we will enroll you on our HR software, Talexio, and you will receive a log-in to create a profileOn Talexio, you will find an On-Boarding Checklist, with the required documents to include you in our payroll systemOnce you’ve completed and signed all the documents, all you need to do is upload them all on Talexio, and we’ll take a care of the restOne week before your start date, look out for our Welcome Email, explaining what to expect on our first day!