Fly High with our Emerging Talent Initiatives

Universal Air is pioneering a new standard in nurturing emerging talent, exemplifying a commitment to innovation and excellence. With a visionary approach, the company recognizes that the future lies in the hands of young, dynamic individuals, and thus, they’ve made it their mission to cultivate a culture where fresh ideas flourish and creativity thrives.

At Universal Air, the process of identifying and developing emerging talent is meticulous yet inclusive. They actively seek out individuals with diverse backgrounds and perspectives, recognising the value of varied experiences in driving innovation. Through mentorship programs, comprehensive training initiatives, and hands-on opportunities, they provide a fertile ground for talent to grow and flourish.

Moreover, Universal Air goes beyond traditional methods of talent acquisition by leveraging technology and social platforms to scout for potential candidates globally. This ensures that they tap into a rich pool of talent, transcending geographical boundaries in their quest for excellence.

By setting the bar high in nurturing emerging talent, Universal Air not only secures its own future but also contributes to the advancement of the industry as a whole. Through their investment in the next generation of innovators, they inspire others to follow suit, fostering a culture of continuous learning and evolution. Universal Air’s commitment to emerging talent is not just a strategic move—it’s a testament to their dedication to shaping a brighter future for aviation.


Universal Air champions graduates, recognizing their potential as the future of aviation. Through targeted recruitment efforts and comprehensive training programs, they provide a supportive environment for recent graduates to thrive. By employing graduates, Universal Air ensures a dynamic workforce poised for innovation and success in the industry.

Graduates are encouraged to employ for any advertised role.

Business Placements & Interns

Universal Air actively supports internships, offering valuable learning experiences and professional development opportunities to aspiring aviation professionals.

Please use the link below to get in touch for further information.


Through our close links and excellent professional relationship with Malta’s MCAST we can offer Apprenticeships for various roles.  Please use the link below to get in touch for further information.

Work Experience

Universal Air prioritizes community involvement by offering work experience opportunities, fostering skill development, and nurturing future talent within local communities.

Please use the get in touch link below, to discuss your requirements for work experience.

Launch of the 2024 Pilot Scholarship

Universal Air is proud to introduce its inaugral fully sponsored Pilot Scholarship Programme for 2024, a landmark initiative for Malta

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