Operational Control Centre Careers

The Operations Control Centre, also referred to as the OCC, is the brain centre and heartbeat of any Airline Operation. It is the hub where trained staff monitor, track and plan all aspects of the daily schedule as well as future planning, training, maintenance and Rostering.

Based within the Airlines Headquarters, the OCC Operates 365 days a year, 24 Hours a day. The OCC provides real time support and decision making to ensure every flight is operated safely, efficiently and with the customers best interests in mind.

OCC Roles

OCC Manager

The Shift Manager in charge of the OCC on a daily basis, the OCCM has overall responsibility of the daily schedule, disruption management and aircraft.


Critical to the OCC are the specialist dispatchers who plan the flights, monitor NOTAMS, weather and Calculated Take off Times

Crew Scheduling & Travel

Ensuring the crews are in the right place at the right time, Crew scheduling take care of all things crewing including positioning flights, duty calculations and disruption management of the flight and cabin crew. They monitor duty times and fatigue to ensure our pilots operate safe and legally

OCC journey to onboarding


The application process starts with the application form on the Universal Air careers website.  You will be required to enter your personal details and answer  some questions to show your motivation for joining Universal Air


Online teams interview for international applications, and in person for local people, with members of the recruitment team.

Job Offer

Once you have successfully completed the interview process.  A formal offer will be sent, subject to acceptance, we will then send you a contract.

Pre-Employment Checks

Pre-employment checks require a five-year employment and Police conduct checks

Welcome on board

You will start your journey with 2-4 weeks of formal training depending on your position.