Rewards and Benefits

We reward you for working with us – because we know that work is more than just your monthly pay check.  We encourage you to go to the gym, or go airport shopping if that’s your thing – using our employee discounts.  We know parking is somewhat difficult here at the local airport, so we relieve that headache for you by giving you free parking next to our Head Office.  We’ll also reward you with an additional day of vacation leave the longer you work with us – because we believe hard working employees deserve a well-earned rest every now and then.  And in the future, you’ll be able to book discounted flights on our own network – what’s not to love ?!

We’re also developing systems and enhancing internal processes to ensure all our employees are paid fairly and according to market rates.  We stay on top of the market and conduct extensive research.  And when that’s done, we take it a step further and reward hard working employees not just by salary increases, but also by furthering their career and personal growth and sponsoring further training for them.  We also promote internally so your career is never stagnant, but always moving forward and developing into something even better, heights you never thought you’d achieve. 


Competitive market Salary that reflects the role that you do.

Bonus Scheme

Individual bonuses are also given inline with our financial and operational performance

Other Benefits

We offer other benefits such as private medical insurance, discounted Gym membership, free parking

Flexible working

Flexible working is part of the Universal Air culture.  Options are available based on business and operational requirements.

Training & Development

We focus on our personal to ensure all roles have scope to learn and grow. There is investment in upskilling our people